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advantages disadvantages badminton

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Badminton

I choose to play badminton a few years ago. This is because of my health condition was getting worse at that time as I spent too much time on laptop and mobile phone. This brought me problems on my hand, my wrist, my back, my neck and so on.

advantages disadvantages badminton
advantages disadvantages badminton

I would never forget the day that I felt totally strengthless when I stood up and tried to open the door. This happened after I sitting in front of my laptop for a few hours.

Benefits of Playing Badminton

I felt that I need to play some kind of physical game so I could improve the strength of my body. I choose badminton eventually for the following reasons:

Proper amount of exercise

I loved playing football and basketball while I was a child, but football and basketball are too exhausting. I finally pick badminton as it is the game I love to play and I always feel good after playing for about an hour.


Sports like basketball might be more exciting, but it is easy to get injured as there are high-frequency physical contacts. An adult is heavier, and he is not as flexible as a child, so it is more difficult to control the movement to avoid collisions. As a result, it is almost inevitable in getting hurt if one plays a lot.

In contrast, badminton is safer as it has no physical body contact with the opponent. As long as I play mildly and taking good protection of my body, I will not easy to get injured.

Thorough exercise

Playing badminton is not just hitting a birdie, it includes all kinds of movements, and has the physical exercise of all body parts including brain and eyes. You may think there is only one hand is used to play badminton, but the other hand is playing an important role to balance the body.

So I choose badminton and kept playing for a long time, and my health condition was getting better. For the first time, I played the game because I need to play. Gradually I found that I became to love this game, and I mean I really love it!

I ever play the game every day for a few months! After that, I found I have been overly exercised and I then reduce the frequency by playing 3 days a week.

It was like getting addicted once I discovered the fun of playing badminton. I believe most badminton lovers have that same feeling as mine.

I become more flexible. I can do something I couldn’t do before because I can now act/react faster. Sometimes I react faster than my mind, I retrieved before I know it! That feeling is really amazing.

I love playing doubles and it is really fun! Two players working together could create a good mutual understanding. And you will also discover the fun of playing singles once you improve your skills to another level.

Train your eyesight

The reason why playing badminton makes people having better eyesight is very simple: because when playing badminton, your eyes need to constantly observe the opponent’s swing and the shuttle that is in high-speed flight.

Your eyes need to closely follow the high-speed flying sphere. The eye’s ciliary muscle will continue to contract and enlarge. This greatly promotes the blood circulation of the eye tissue, thereby improving the function of the ciliary muscle.

Playing badminton for long-term can improve the visual sensitivity of the human eye and the responsiveness of the eye. For ordinary badminton enthusiasts, especially those who use their eyes very frequent, if they can insist on playing badminton, it will significantly improve the visual sensitivity.

Full body exercise

Badminton is very suitable for weight loss. In badminton, it is necessary to constantly use the power of the wrist and arm to hold and swing. You will also need to fully exercise the foot, knee, ankle, etc. so the whole body muscles and joints will get sufficient exercise.

Moreover, during the process of picking up the shuttle and receiving the shot, you will continue to bend and raise your head. This will also fully exercise the muscles of the waist and abdomen.

Making new friend

Through playing badminton, you may get to know new friends. Since you all are having the same hobby for sport, you may gain a friendship that can last forever.

Improve skills

By organizing some badminton competitions, it will help in badminton skill training. Players can learn from each other and improve their skill together.

Fun entertainment

When you are playing at the badminton court, make sure you are having fun with your partner. You all should play in a good mood and play happily.


People who play badminton are flexible, savvy, energetic, and agile. When playing badminton, it uses the entire body and bones. By making different strokes like the smash, lob, lunge, drive, this makes the body to be very flexible.

Healthy Brain

Badminton players must play not only with their hands but also with their brains. They need to study the weaknesses of the opponent. They need to come out with the right strategy to beat the opponent. Therefore, they keep exercise their brain and this will make the player to keep sane most of the time.

The Benefits for Girls Playing Badminton

Smart women will use sports to shape their body. Badminton is the first choice for many aerobics enthusiasts.

If you are playing 45 minutes of badminton, you will need to make over 200 times of physical adjustments. You need hitting shuttle for hundreds of times, and most of the time you need to do a large swing to hit the shuttle. Each time you need coordination of various parts of the body.

For playing doubles, this number will be even more substantial. The most intuitive data shows that playing badminton for 15 minutes at normal rhythm will consume 90 kilocalories of calories. For slimming and weight loss, it is safe and healthy.

1. Fast fitness

Playing badminton can make you sweated in less than ten minutes. Thus, the fitness effect is remarkable.

2. Body-building

For badminton players both men and women, most of their body are well-proportioned. Especially for female players, they tend to have long and slim limbs. This is the trait of badminton training. Other sports are not easy to train in such a way.

3. Beauty

Badminton is an indoor sport, and the temperature and humidity for indoor are mild. It is not like playing tennis outdoor which is often exposed to the sun with high temperature. This may cause the skin to get dehydrated. While for playing badminton indoor, it is not just that women will get good exercise, better yet they will keep the beauty of their skin.

4. Women’s rights

Because of physical differences, women are far less powerful than men in terms of strength and speed. But badminton is the most complex sport in terms of technical, and it is not all about strength and speed. Often, you can see a woman on the badminton court beat a man.

5. Elegant

Badminton is a sport that emphasizes coordination, active stretching, footwork, and good playing skills. If you watch professional players play on the spot, you must envy their elegant movements. Unlike other sports, badminton is not emphasizing strength and physical confrontation, such as tennis.

6. Entertainment

Playing football or basketball is too rough for women to play. And if you can’t master tennis skill, you can’t even catch the ball.

While for playing badminton, you can hit the shuttle back and forth with your partner for a couple of times even you are totally amateur. You may find it can be fun by just playing a few times as the sport is very entertaining.

The Disadvantages of Playing Badminton

You cannot play alone

It is not like jogging or swimming where you can do it solo. You will need a partner to play with you in badminton.

Cost of playing

The cost for you to play badminton is quite a lot. Unless you play outdoor where you no need to rent a badminton court. If you are playing the game indoor, you will need to rent the badminton court.

In addition, you need to buy racket, shoes, shuttlecocks. And you will need to change your racket string from time to time. All these are the cost incurred when you are playing badminton.

Get Injury

There are also disadvantages to playing badminton. Sports injuries are inevitable once you play more. Typical badminton injuries are:

  • Sprained Ankle
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Rotator Cuff Injury
  • Patella Tendonitis
  • etc.

You need to be careful and prevent yourself from getting injured during playing badminton. If you are having an injury, then you need to get proper treatment. You are better to put on proper protective gears so you can reduce the chances of injuring your body when playing badminton.

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