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All About Apacs Badminton Racket

In 2001, APACS SPORTS was established with the goal of distributing sports equipments of high quality in the local and international markets. In fact APACS stands for AGGRESSIVE, POWER, ACCURATE, CONTROL and SPEED; essential qualities of today’s most powerful athletes.

apacs logo

apacs logo

APACS SPORTS is the leader in manufacturing one of the world’s best Badminton, Squash and Tennis rackets, sportswear, sports apparel, footwear and accessories. The variety they provide ensures that both beginner and professional athletes alike get the best equipment for peak performance. Their equipment in fact rivals the likes of Yonex, Carton and Prince, with their best rackets in the form of Visible Hollow 2000, Lethal 60, Lethal Light 1.1 and Furious Pro 1000. Because of their commitment to quality, APACS was voted as one of Malaysia’s Superbrands in 2009.

The variety of APACS equipment varies from one country to another to better suit the style of play predominant in every region. Their badminton shoes, clothing, bags and many other related things also vary in terms of price, and are marginally lower than the ones from Yonex.

Taking a look at the APACS UK website, the four popular racquets are the Edge Sabre 7, Nano 800 Power, Nano 900 Power and the Nano Fusion Classic. They sound familiar right? It’s because they are named to match their Yonex counterparts. They are not fake Yonex racquets, but more of equally-effective clones.

The Edge Saber 7 is based on Yonex’s ArcSaber 7 but with a twist. They do look alike but the Edge Saber is a bit stiffer and has a higher rating than the medium stiff rating of the ArcSaber 7. The price is also clearly in favor of APACS; £69.99 as opposed to Yonex’s £100 price tag. An extra £5 will give you custom stringing to suit the tension, and the racket can pack up as much as 30lbs, which means it has a very robust frame. The technology uses GS carbon nanotube, the same material Yonex named as CS carbon nanotube.

APACS equipment consistently gets good user reviews, about 90% as good as high-end Yonex racquest. Although you might think twice of playing with a clone as opposed to the original one, there isn’t really much difference performance-wise. In fact the only variable that really sets them far apart are the expenses that comes with every model.

A good example is the APACS Nano 800 Power which is priced at £29.99. This all around choice for intermediate players has a medium stiff flex and weighs at just 4U. The nano technology which this racket is built upon is based on the Yonex Armortec models, rackets that costs £49.99. The Yonex counterparts are very stiff, and really heavy at the head despite the total weight of both rackets at the same level. Both can take 30lbs string tension too, but the price is clearly in favor of APACS.

Another example is the APACS Nano Fusion Classic. It is very flexible and is designed for players who would like total control. At 28 lbs of tension and 3U weight, it’s a bit heavier. A bit more expensive too at £55.99 but it’s a good deal overall.

Rounding this one all up, APACS may seem very cheap but they do have badminton racquets of the best quality. Plus they are also reaching as far as the Far East, making their affordable products very easy to avail of wherever in the world you are.

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