Different Badminton Brands With Their Top-Notch Rackets

Is One Badminton Racket Brand Better Than The Other

Choosing the best badminton racket to suit you is not an easy choice. You could ask some experienced players for advice regarding which racket they think is best. You never know, they might also give you some valuable badminton tips and show you some badminton drills which could help your game.

However, all players would not agree which racket is suitable for you. Opinions vary greatly among players of different levels.

The best advice I can give you if you are of beginner level does not buy an overly expensive racket initially until you have improved your game. Sometimes it can also be a good idea to invest in a bit of coaching to improve your overall badminton techniques, this will help you get the best out of your racket, whichever one you end up choosing.

racket for smash
The modern badminton player uses the best badminton racket which combined with jumping high into the air produces very powerful smashes

Below you will find some information relating to the various popular racket brands. Listed are some of the popular racket choices among players.

Yonex Badminton Rackets

Yonex is the leading manufacturer and innovator of badminton equipment across the world today. Yonex is sponsors of the prestigious All England Badminton Championship and are also aligned with the World Badminton Federation and is seen as a major partner.

The World Badminton Federation is responsible for successfully running the World Badminton Championships. There are over 80% of the world badminton players use the rackets made from Yonex. There are also a large group of die-hard fans worldwide who are in favor of the Yonex brand.

Most of the world-class badminton players are consider Yonex to be the best brand of racket for them to use. If you are looking for just about the most expensive badminton racket you can find that in the Voltric Z Force. Looking for the best badminton racket for power, Yonex have you covered, the Arcsaber Z Slash is the one you want.

Yonex also supplies equipment and clothing for many National organizations throughout the world, Malaysian Badminton, Badminton Scotland, and Badminton England to name but a few.

Here are some great Yonex rackets for you to get:

  • Yonex Voltaic Z Force Badminton Racket
  • Yonex ARCSABER Z-Slash Badminton Racket
  • Yonex Taufik Hidayat Arcsaber 11 Limited Edition
  • Yonex Arcsaber FB
  • Yonex Arcsaber 6
  • Yonex Nanoray 80 (White-Orange)

Victor Badminton Rackets

Victor’s market spread covers forty countries throughout the globe. Its vast globalized market is spread across five vast geographic regions of the modern world. These regions are Taiwan, China mainland, United States, Europe and every other applicable region.

Victor has over 40 years of experience and has a complete badminton equipment product manufacturing capability. Victor has many fans worldwide who love to use the rackets manufactured by the company.

The company has grown over the last 40 years and is the second largest badminton brand across the world. Since its early days, the company has always dedicated itself to supplying its customers with the very best equipment you can buy. Victor will ensure it continues to innovate, through quality research and extensive development until it becomes the world’s leading badminton equipment manufacturer.

Take a look at this great Victor racket selection:

  • Victor Thruster TK8000
  • Victor Meteor MXJJS
  • Victor Brave Sword 12
  • Victor Light Fighter 7400

Ashaway Badminton Rackets

Ashaway is probably best known as a manufacturer of world-class string technology which is used throughout the world by a multitude of the worlds top badminton, tennis, and squash players. Ashaway is the sole racket string manufacturer in the United States.

Goode Sport in the United Kingdom supplies the full Ashaway range of badminton rackets. Some of their rackets shown below include their best badminton racket for smashing. It is the best racket for power and the best badminton racket for the intermediate player. They also supply the full range of shuttles, shoes, luggage, grips, clothing, and strings.

7 Fantastic choices from Ashaway:

  • Ashaway Viper XT900
  • Ashaway Kevlar 8000 SQ
  • Ashaway Superlight 99SQ
  • Ashaway Nano Dynamic 130
  • Ashaway K 7000SQ
  • Ashaway RepulsorTec 950
  • Ashaway Ti130

Carlton Badminton Rackets

Carlton is a British company who are owned by Dunlop Slazenger International Limited. The most famous players of recent years who were sponsored by Carlton were Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms of England.

Carlton supply the full range of badminton equipment. Probably their best badminton racket for the intermediate player is the ignite fusion.

Here are 3 super racket selections:

  • Carlton Razor V1.1
  • Carlton Vapour Trail Elite 2012
  • Carlton Ignite Fusion

Li-Ning Badminton Rackets

Li-Ning has its headquarters in Beijing and is seen as a major manufacturer of sporting goods in China. Li-Ning blasted on to the badminton equipment market when it sponsored the Chinese Senior National Squad. All the national players now use Li-Ning badminton rackets.

The company supply badminton equipment throughout the world via its vast distribution network. If you search on the internet for badminton rackets review pages, you will often come across their Li-Ning Woods N80 racket as it seems to be a popular choice.

4 Great rackets from the Li Ning range:

  • Li-Ning Woods N80
  • Li-Ning Flame N50 II
  • Li-Ning HC1100A
  • Li-Ning UC3500

Forza Badminton Rackets

The foremost badminton brand throughout the Denmark market is Forza. The company is now also seen as a major brand in the important UK marketplace. A number of top English players which include Chris Coles and Sara Milne have utilized Forza equipment.

In addition, Forza as a company also provides support and sponsorship to upcoming junior players as well as having links to university badminton.

Coach support is also recognized as an important part of the company remit and they realize the important role that coaches play in the development of the sport.

If you are looking for just about the lightest badminton racket you can buy then the N-Forze 3000 X-treme Light is a good choice.

Here are 2 of the best Forza Rackets:

  • Forza Kevlar CNT-X Power10000
  • Forza N-Forze 3000 X-treme Light

Fleet Badminton Rackets

Fleet is a world-class manufacturer of badminton products and is headquartered in Malaysia. They were the first manufacturer to produce the 88 single pass grommet holed light carbon racket.

Another milestone for them was breaking through the bottleneck of the 30 pounds tension affordable racket. Their rackets are distributed throughout the UK by Yehlex. The brand supplies some good badminton rackets across their range.

These are 2 quality rackets from their range:

  • Fleet Top PowerTi30
  • Fleet Woven 8000

Karakal Badminton Rackets

Originating in Belgium the brand was initially owned by the SPGS Dendermonde Belgium company. The Karakal logo appeared on its range of rackets, shoes, and also on its clothing.

Distribution of its products began in the United Kingdom round about 1981 when Karakal UK was established, during 1985 they secured the marketing and distribution rights to supply the United Kingdom and Ireland marketplace.

Karakal Worldwide Limited was incorporated in 1991 and at that time purchased the worldwide trading rights. Karakal has a distribution in 40 plus countries worldwide and is specialists in rackets and badminton equipment.

Nice racket for the doubles specialist:

  • Karakal BN60 Ultralite

Monsoon Badminton Rackets

Monsoon supply a full range of badminton rackets, clothing, luggage, grips, and nets.

Here is a good power players choice:

  • Monsoon 24/7 N4 Reaction

Wilson Badminton Rackets

Wilson has its head office located in Chicago, which is in the USA. Currently, they employ over 1600 personnel worldwide and have a sales representation in over 100 countries.

Wilson is the world’s major manufacturer of equipment for ball sports. Their primary sports are golf, tennis, American football, basketball, baseball, softball, squash, and badminton.

The company has been innovators and leaders in the sports manufacturing field for nearly 100 years and their equipment has been utilized by many generations of world-class athletes all over the world.

Check out this top of the range Wilson racket:

  • Wilson Wave BLX

Yehlex Badminton Rackets

Yehlex is a company originating from Taiwan. The company manufactures golf, squash, tennis, as well as badminton equipment. Yehlex UK was formed in 1985 and now has a range of 24 rackets in its portfolio.

Pro-Tech, Fleet, Yehlex, and Hi-Qua are all brands that the company market to the badminton community. Yehlex sponsors numerous organizations events throughout the badminton season. Some of them include badminton bonanzas, English Schools tournaments, and county championships to name but a few.

4 From the Yehlex range:

  • Yehlex Triotec Woven 3500
  • Yehlex TT3
  • Yehlex YX-VT12 Nano
  • Yehlex YX-77 Nano

We hope that by reading our article you will have a better idea regarding the vast range of rackets you can choose from. By taking a little time to research through the brands you will be in a better position to ensure that you select the correct racket for your style and standard of play.

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