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The Early Years of Yonex Badminton

Way back in 1946 Mr Minoru Yoneyama founded the Yoneyama Company, Ltd. By 1957 the company was producing badminton rackets under different brand names. In 1961 the first “Yoneyama” brand badminton racket was released and this was followed 2 years later with the establishment of Yoneyama Trading, Ltd., in Tokyo for the distribution of rackets to the international market.

yonex badminton

yonex badminton

1960′s to 1980′s

By 1968 the company had introduced the first ever aluminum badminton racket, the #7000 and by 1973 the company’s new blue and green “YY” logo was introduced soon becoming a familiar sight on both badminton around the world. A year later the brand name was changed to Yonex. The Carbonex 8 was introduced by Yonex in 1980 as the first ever ultra-lightweight badminton racket. By 1983 the Yonex Corporation was established in the US as a subsidiary of Yonex Company, Ltd., and a year later the company became the exclusive sponsor of the All England Badminton Championships.

The 1990′s

In 1992 the Yonex brand produced the first isometric wide-body badminton racket, the “Isometric 500″ and was present on 2 fronts as badminton entered the Olympic arena with Yonex badminton players winning every gold and silver medal that was awarded. It was also the sole supplier of badminton equipment in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. In 1996 Yonex players that competed using Yonex rackets, footwear, and clothing won every gold, silver and all but one Bronze medal awarded.

Yonex went on to become the Official Badminton Equipment Supplier for the 2000 Sydney Olympics and captured more gold, silver and bronze medals. In 2007 the brand celebrated 25 years as title sponsors at the Yonex All England Open Badminton Championships. In 2008 at the Beijing Olympic Games all 24 Badminton Medals went to Yonex brand contracted players which had never happened to any other sport manufacturer. Today this is a highly successful worldwide company and continues to produce the most technologically advanced sporting equipment in the world.

The Yonex brand produces a number of different badminton rackets that incorporate significant technological advancements to produce rackets that offer exceptional performance such as:

  • The Yonex Voltric Range – This range makes use of the Tri Voltage system that offers a combination of both power and control.
  • ArcSaber (ARC) – These rackets are the even-balanced series and utilize carbon nanotube technology.
  • Nanospeed (NS) – These rackets incorporate the head-light series which results in more speed and defense thanks to nanotechnology.

In Closing

When choosing the right badminton equipment whether you play professionally or for fun the Yonex badminton brand is definitely the market leader for good reason. Besides badminton sportsmen and women in tennis and golf have achieved similarly excellent and first-ever results using Yonex equipment. With constant innovation this brand is guaranteed to take your badminton game to a whole new level. You can find out plenty of information pertaining to what the brand offers by visiting their website where you will be able to view the rackets they offer and much more besides. For superior quality and technology choose Yonex badminton equipment like the world’s champions do.

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