Experience with Yonex Arcsaber Racquets

Winning in sports comes down to skill and practice, but you can gain an edge on your opponent with top-notch equipment. For the sport of Badminton, Yonex Arcsaber racquets are the elite tool for a smooth swing and measured recoil. Selecting the right racquet is very personal. Taking some time to try a few different racquets in the store will help you determine which type fits you best.

Yonex Arcsaber
Yonex Arcsaber

Upgrading to Quality Yonex Arsaber Racquet

When you’ve decided to get serious about your Badminton game, there are a few things to consider when upgrading your racquet. Aggressive players look for different features in their racquets than those who prefer defensive play. If your style is one of the forceful swings and powerful serves, then the Yonex Acrsaber, with its lightweight composition, might be too light for your play style.

This lightweight nature is ideal for a nimble player or one who doesn’t want to be weighted down as they move about the court. If your style of play focuses on finesse and outpacing your opponent, then the Arcsaber is an ideal racquet. Ultimately, the top racquet is the one that gives you an edge for your preferred style of play.

Yonex racquets aren’t cheap but many serious players prefer to spend a little more for quality and craftsmanship. While the average price for one racquet is around $100 to $200 US, Yonex is backed by excellent customer service and a good warranty.

If your racquet is found to be defective, Yonex will replace it within one year or purchase. Do not remove the string to claim your warranty, however, as that invalidates the warranty.

Constructed with Light Polymer

The Arcsaber is manufactured out of UltraPEF (Ultra Poly Ethylene Fiber), a polymer light enough to float on water. The strings are laced in a single garment style, which decreases the air resistance for your swing. The shaft consists of layers of graphite making to both sturdy and lightweight. The brand-specific “T Joint” makes the Arcsaber all of a piece, versus multiple joined pieces. This construction results in a more durable racquet and cuts down on the recoil from a harder serve.

Yonex has patented their Isometric Square Head Shape in order to match the string lengths, which equalizes the tautness of the surface. This special weaving gives the racquet more surface area to work with, enabling players to achieve more consistent accuracy when returning off-center hits.

If you are a player who prefers to out-hit your opponent, rather than outrun them with difficult to return hits, then you would be better suited with a heavier racquet. For precise shuttle placement and a racquet that won’t fatigue your arms, then the Arcsaber should suit you.

Its dexterity will suit your skills well. The Arcsaber is lighter, and won’t give you the inertia to really smash the shuttle across. If you tend to find yourself playing defensively and wearing down your heavy-hitter opponent, then a lighter racquet will give you an edge.

For players who enjoy finesse and exploring what your Badminton play can do, the Yonex Acrsaber is an ideal racquet for your style of play. For a light, user-friendly racquet, pick up a Yonex. You won’t be able to put it down.

There are many other quality Yonex rackets that you may want to take a look.

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