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Know About Fleet Badminton Racket

Since 1985, Fleet badminton rackets have been around as one of the well-established companies in the sport of badminton.

They do trade under five different brands known as Yehlex, Fleet, Apacs, HiQua and Pro Tech. These five brands offer variety rackets, clothing, shuttles, bags, shoes and even stringing machines. Their clothing specifically is very affordable, selling polo shirts for just £6. Their thermo bags are also great in quality and strength and were just sold at £10 a couple of years ago.

FLEET logo

Fleet bats are made in Taiwan where they have a huge factory that makes all types of sports equipment. Eastern countries, after all, offer good quality products without adding a lot of prices.

On top of that, these Eastern producers sell badminton equipment by the package so if you buy more, you save more. It makes us consumers wonder sometimes if these factories are the sole providers of the different companies circulating in the globe.

So it could be possible that we are just buying the same quality racket no matter the brand name as factories continue to serve numerous companies under their belt.

The Fleet company is composed of a good range of rackets. The starter racket, Fleet FT330Ti, costs £30. With a medium flex, an isometric head shape, and 88g of weight, it’s suitable for beginners.

The material is ultra high modulus graphite, and the default string is a Fleet titanium string at 24lbs tension. That or you can pay more for a better quality string at higher tension. This is a great package since some brands give you default strings that are crap and at low tension.

Fleet has proven itself worthy of attention because of their quality rackets are of great value. There are expensive models too if professional wishes to use the brand, but most of their rackets are well priced for avid badminton players of all skill levels. And with their selection range, you’ll definitely find one racket that is made for you.

Throughout the years, however, it seems that Fleet has caught up with other expensive brands in terms of cost. So some people have the tendency to settle with the more expensive brand because of its popularity.

There’s grandeur in playing with a famous brand after all and sometimes, badminton has become a game between who has the more famous brand versus one who has not. Of course, this can drive away potential buyers as the price competition becomes a little bit tighter over the coming years.

Fleet racket

Fleet racket

What’s imminent really is the separation of these brands in terms of quality as opposed to price. Quality will speak leaps and bounds about the product and this could be one of the cards in Fleet’s hand that’s one for the taking.

Fleet badminton rackets are consistent and don’t promise you anything grandiose. They aren’t only made for the experienced players and even beginners will find them comfortable for use. This is where Fleet could eventually edge out other brands.

Quality at nearly equal prices, of course, you will save a few bucks with Fleet rackets. But with their durability, they will last more tight and competitive games for you.

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