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Know About Fleet Badminton Racket

FLEET is a Taiwan company that makes all types of sports equipment.  Since 1985, FLEET badminton rackets have been around as one of the well-established companies in the sport of badminton.

FLEET logo

FLEET has proven itself worthy of attention because of their quality rackets are of great value. There are expensive models too if professional wishes to use the brand, but most of their rackets are well priced for avid badminton players of all skill levels. And with their selection range, you’ll definitely find one racket that is made for you.

Throughout the years, however, it seems that FLEET has caught up with other expensive brands in terms of cost. So some people have the tendency to settle with the more expensive brand because of its popularity.

There’s grandeur in playing with a famous brand after all and sometimes, badminton has become a game between who has the more famous brand versus one who has not. Of course, this can drive away potential buyers as the price competition becomes a little bit tighter over the coming years.

FLEET racket
FLEET racket


Quality of the Rackets

What’s imminent really is the separation of these brands in terms of quality as opposed to price. Quality will speak leaps and bounds about the product and this could be one of the cards in FLEET’s hand that’s one for the taking.

FLEET badminton rackets are consistent and don’t promise you anything grandiose. They aren’t only made for the experienced players and even beginners will find them comfortable for use. This is where FLEET could eventually edge out other brands.

Quality at nearly equal prices, of course, you will save a few bucks with FLEET rackets. But with their durability, they will last more tight and competitive games for you.

Some Popular FLEET Rackets

There are 3 popular rackets that being released by Fleet, they are:

  • KEVLAR 338: Is using the KEVLAR material to construct the racket frame.
  • WOVEN 335: I using the WOVEN material to construct the racket frame.
  • WOVEN TI 339: Is using the combined material of WOVENand Ti to construct the racket frame.

These three rackets are suitable for all players to choose from. They are built with high-quality materials, and the toughness and explosiveness are the characteristics of the rackets.

Important Points When Come to Choose the Suitable Racket

From a professional point of view, do you know what is the most important thing when choosing a badminton racket?

For professional badminton players, if they are playing with high-quality rackets, they will be able to play even more powerful. The quality rackets can help them to play well especially in smashing or defending. They can swing freely and can effectively make an impact on the opponent’s weaknesses.

The most important thing about badminton rackets is the structure. The structure must be combined with high-quality carbon fiber composite materials. With a professional level of design, national players can be tied to a 30-pound string, which will make the racket to become even more explosive.

When choosing a badminton racket, the professional players must consider the following three points on the racket structure:

  1. Shaft
  2. T-Joint
  3. Head


The shaft needs to have high hardness and can rebound in time for a player to play a rebound. The shaft is also the soul of a racket, a tough and stiff shaft can let a play to play an efficient game in a competition. It can improve the strength of the players, help the players to generate explosive attack and make the accuracy of the drop point when smashing.


The T-Joint features a stable torque which allows the player to accurately hit the ball and exert explosive power.


The high-quality carbon fiber composite material has a high density and high rigidity. It can be tied with high-pound of string and is not easy to cause deformation. It can improve the strength of the player when hitting the ball and increase the speed of the shuttle.

If I am a Defensive Player, which Fleet racket is suitable for me?

If you are playing defensive in the badminton game, then you can consider getting the FLEET NANO LIGHT racket.

FLEET NANO LIGHT racket is the best racket for defensive players. Because of the lightweight feature of the racket, the shot is more sensitive and it can help to speeds up a player to save the opponent’s shots.

It is a racket that is suitable for beginners and elder players. It is also suitable for people who are having health conscious and playing badminton for health purpose. The FLEET NANO LIGHT is a lightweight racket and it can make players play with good movement, and the speed of swing and return the shuttle is also faster.

If I am an offensive player, which FLEET racket is suitable for me?

You can get either one of these three rackets: KEVLAR 338, WOVEN 335, and WOVEN TI 339.

These three rackets are all suitable for offensive play. They are made with high-quality materials and they featured the accuracy of the placement and can offer players with explosive power.

New FLEET Logo

The main focus of FLEET is on badminton-related products. However, in recent years, FLEET has successfully transformed into a company that is manufactures of multi sport-related products. The company is come out with the strategy of diversified product development and to drive the company’s brand to be more broadly and expand the market in other sports fields.

From the recent series of product designs and the adoption of the new company logo, FLEET has clearly turned to a young and energetic direction; The logo is concise and straight forward. It provides a very deep impression for many people to remember the company.

Another purpose for FLEET to adopts the new logo is to keep pace with the times. After all, the change in market direction needs timely changes and improvement. With the ongoing of non-stop research and development, only can leave the public with a deep impression and creating a refresh and active brand image.

Expecting to discover potential badminton players

Fleet has always sponsored state badminton clubs and the original contract players in Malaysia. This is with the purpose to excavate and cultivate new badminton seedlings in the country. The company hopes that through the sponsorship, the overall playing skill in Malaysia can keep on improving.

Besides, the company also hoped that through this series of sponsorship methods, players will be encouraged to continue to seek higher breakthrough points and push the badminton sports to another peak. At the same time, the company hopes to discover more badminton talents and promote the development of badminton sports.

One of the missions of FLEET is to train future badminton successors and encourage more passionate and energetic badminton enthusiasts to join in this healthy hobby and sport.

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