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Li-Ning N90 Badminton Racket Review

Li-Ning N90 is the first generation racket that was designed based on the racket specification of the Olympic World Champion and Gold Medalist, Lin Dan. It is commonly referred to as the ‘Woods’, a name is obtained from the adage of Sun Tzu Art of War that stated partly that, ‘when in tactics, be as intricate as the woods…’.

Made of Special Material

It is part of Li Ning’s ‘N’ series that were specifically made using military-grade carbon fiber. To achieve extreme precision and control even during explosive hard smash, the Li-Ning N90 has been designed with certain extra stiffness.

li ning badminton racket
li ning badminton racket

It is also professionally balanced towards the head for an increase of power and an aggressive play. The Li-Ning Woods N90 is the player’s weapon for aggressive and powerful attacks because it has been designed with a high-tensile shaft; heavy weighted racket head, as well as an elevated balance point.

Some of the factors to consider before purchasing this racket are like the estimated dry weight and the grip size. The approximated dry weight for Li-Ning Woods N90 is 90 grams and grip size of 52, which is equivalent to that of Yonex G5. The balance is another thing that should be put into consideration before buying the Li-Ning N90 badminton racket.

One great thing about this racket is that it has a heavy head balance and a maximum string tension of 28 pounds. The Li-Ning N90 also has very stiff flexibility, which makes it one of the best rackets for single plays.

The first impression of this badminton racket is not all that bad, and the controls are on point. A player who posses decent techniques in this sport will definitely find the Li-Ning N90 very effective.

When it comes to the attack, the Li-Ning N90 is a no-brainer. A heavy head racket that has a stiff shaft would only mean that the attacks coming out of it are very extreme. In terms of the shot power, this racket delivers quite well mainly due to its stiffness.

This badminton racket costs about $200.00, which is usually inclusive of free shipping.

The Pros & Cons of the Li-Ning N90

One area where this racket performs best is in its control and versatility. It makes it so easy and comfortable to make small changes and trick shots to the shuttlecock direction on the fly. As such, it becomes so easy to send the shuttle to any direction one might wish to.

This is one feature that helps so much on the net, and it makes it easy to make accurate and solid blocks back to the opponent. Its break-free frame also helps it to become aerodynamic and so easy to maneuver. The racket also scores some points when it comes to durability.

The racket is however not suitable for anyone who uses the wrist. The racket’s stiffness run down the handle, and this, in the end, will pull the wrist down much more than how other attacking rackets would. The other thing that should not be disregarded is the extreme weight distribution of the Li-Ning N90.

After playing it for some time, a player would feel a certain build-up of acid in their arms, and this would make the next shot a little bit harder. It’s important to note that the Li-Ning N90 can similarly take down its user as quickly as it is able to decimate the opponent.


With just enough power to offer good clears and smashes, this is one of the leading badminton rackets that are on the market today. Because of the medium flex shaft, the Li-Ning N90 has a good defense and maneuverability.

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