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Yonex SHB 34EX Badminton Shoes Review

The Yonex SHB 34EX badminton shoes is another quality shoes that being released by Yonex. The shoes is constructed with lightweight 1 inch low-cut design and comfortable soft fit.

From what the company claimed:

“A key feature of all Yonex footwear, the Yonex Power cushion absorbs shock then reverses the impact energy for smooth transfer into the next movement. Verification: When dropped from 7 meter above a Power cushion sheet, an egg will bounce back 4m without damage.”

This statement indicate how bouncy the shoe can offer to players.

Yonex SHB 34EX White Blue

Yonex SHB 34EX White Blue

Ergoshape and msLite

The shoe is designed with ergoshape and is making use of contours to create stability and comfort in the forefoot. The msLite that being use to make the midsole of the shoes is a lighter and sturdier material than EVA foam. The msLite can provides players with great cushioning. It can efficiently reducing shock on the joints. Besides, the EVA foam that is used been further enhance on the quality to make it more durable and extended the life of the shoe.

The design of the shoes is pretty standard for the badminton shoes. The main problem for most badminton shoes is the bottom sole tend to get separated when it approach and get in contact with the floor too frequent. A lot of stress tend to apply on the fore sole region and cause the shoes to get wear and tear easily.

If you take a closer look on the design of this Yonex SHB 34EX badminton shoes, you will find that the stitching work is really state of the art as it workmanship is really fantastic. You can see the Yonex logo is well placed at the insole of the shoe.

It is manned for heavy duty and is quite durable. I have wear it for 6 months and they are still in good shape. One of the great features of this badminton shoe is that it is built with multi-directional grip which allow players to shift direction very fast. This is important for badminton players as this will make them possible to move around the badminton court quickly.

Power Cushion of Yonex SHB 34EX Badminton Shoes

Another feature is the Power Cushion which is constructed with shock absorption and rebound system. The cushion can absorbs very well on the foot impact at the time you are stopping and it also helps to push off your feet and boost your power.

It has the natural rubber bottom grip and side grip which will hold your feet in place very well and it make sure that you won’t get slip on the floor. For sure you won’t want that to happen when you are focus yourself in playing the game of badminton on the court.


  • 1 inch Heel Height
  • Outer Material: PU
  • Inner Material: Mesh
  • Upper: PU Leather, Polyester Mesh
  • Midsole: Power Cushion, MsLite
  • Outsole: Hexagrip Natural Rubber Round Sole
  • Closure: Laced

Overall, this shoes did perform well and is very reliable to put on your feet. It is also very good looking and being offers to customers for quite low price. You don’t have to worry of spend too much money if you are intend to buy a pair of Yonex SHB 34EX badminton shoes.

Yonex SHB 34EX Badminton Shoes

Yonex SHB 34EX Badminton Shoes

This shoes come with quite a number of different color combination such as Orange, Blue, Yellow/Blue, White/Red, White/Blue.

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